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Secure phpMyAdmin Against PLEASE_READ_XMG Ransomware

Secure phpMyAdmin Against PLEASE_READ_XMG Ransomware

This series will cover following;
1-What is PLEASE_READ_XMG Ransomware
2-Update phpMyAdmin.
3-Change phpMyadmin Default Login Path.
4-Authentication Gateway for phpMyAdmin (Upcoming).
5-Install HTTPS (SSL Certificates) to Secure phpMyAdmin login (Upcoming).
6-Change MariaDB Default Port (Upcoming).
6-Clean PLEASE_READ.WARNING (Upcoming).

This series demonstrate how to secure & update phpMyAdmin, change default access URL, add an authentication gateway that requires an extra set of credentials before logging in, change its default port adn install ssl cert. This tutorial is aimed at phpMyAdmin running with Nginx Web Server on CentOS 7 and VestaCP.

In 2019, phpMyAdmin...